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Stuart trained in 2005 with LCA Auckland, which is associated with Life Coach Associates in Christchurch,
New Zealand's original Life Coach training provider. 

He is a current member of the International Coach Federation.

His vision for Life is 'living the dream in the moment'.

Stuart is a Holistic Life Coach specialising in individual coaching and working with people who are interested
in personal growth.

He works from home so parking is no problem and has flexible session times to suit your needs.

Interested to know more?  Contact Stuart now to set up a time to meet.

'The only thing that limits me is me!'

'Whether you think you can or you think you can't,
you are probably right!' (Henry Ford)

As a holistic coach, Stuart works with you at various levels.  Holistic means all of you (mind, body and spirit) and that sometimes can seem like nothing to do with what you originally sought coaching for in the first place.  You may come with something specific in mind but then discover that this is a pattern that has played out in your life on other occasions.  Would you prefer to put a patch on todays issue or get a bigger perspective of the pattern and how that plays out in your life and then choose to do something about it?  

There are four basic questions that can be asked:

  1. Where are you at now?  What has brought you to this particular point in your life today?
    This is all about your life story and the events that have shaped you in to the person you are.  Our present is very much part of our past and often we have unresolved issues lurking in the background that seem to surface and often take control. 

  2. Where do you want to be?  Do you have a vision for where you want to be in life? 

  3. What's stopping you?  We are all experts in self-sabotage and this is the biggest thing that stops you doing whatever you want to do in life.  How this works is, we have beliefs about self and beliefs about life and as these are part of who we are, they are often subconscious and very subtle. 
    Some common beliefs about self are, 'I'm not good enough', 'I'm too old (or anything else)', I'm not loved'. 
    A couple of common beliefs about life are, 'life is hard', 'life's not fair', 'life's a struggle'. 
    If you recognise any of these, then perhaps you are stopping yourself in your tracks.

  4. How are you going to get there?  This is the interesting part.  Are you ready to create the life you deserve? 
    This is where the rubber meets the road - there may be things you need to say or do which can allow the healing within.
    There may be challenges around this too - Stuart will support you on your journey.

Stuart will listen to your story, help you get clear, make you aware of your sabotage patterns, challenge limiting beliefs and invite you to start living your life from a new space and looking at a new way of being.

Interested?  Then contact Stuart now.  Questions?  Then contact Stuart now.  Want to start?  Then contact Stuart now.


I found the sessions to be very effective. Right from the start Stuart outlined to me the process and steps we would be following. Working with Stuart has enabled me to move forward in my personal life and take steps to let go of the baggage. His encouragement, guidance and help I will be able to take with me into the future. Thanks for the time and energy.  John.

I am a successful person but I have high expectations and want the rest of my life to be completely rewarding. So having identified that I was not progressing as well as I want I approached Stuart. I found that he took a personal and enthusiastic interest in everything I brought to our dialogue. Stuart is a careful listener. He is diligent and caring. As a result of the exercises he set me I have created for myself a pathway forward into the next chapter of my working life. I am in the process of finding and pursuing goals that have lasting importance to me. With Stuartís help I now understand the nature of the barriers that I was facing and I am clear about the steps I will be taking.  Peter.

These sessions have been life changing for me, they have given me the tools to get the things in life that I want simply by asking the right questions and measuring it up against what I want, because its all about me. I know that life can throw some curve balls and its how I deal with those that can either bring joy or stress, I don't have to agree with everything that I come across, but I do have a free will and a choice. I don't have to be a yes man or a nice guy for people to like me and its these sessions, so far, that have enabled me to realise that. Thank you so much.   Paul.

Stuart is a good coach, He can be firm at times and push the subject but at others will back right off and let you ponder the questions at your own pace. This can be unnerving at first but as you progress you realize what an important tool it is. Because of Stuart I have discovered a lot about myself, I never even thought would be applicable to me or my situation.  Liam.

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